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139883Re: [Bulk] Re: Missing drive indicator, alien '=', missing ':' (gVim on Windows)

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  • Justin M. Keyes
    Nov 11, 2013
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      On Sun, Nov 10, 2013 at 10:11 PM, Nikolay Pavlov <zyx.vim@...> wrote:
      > Two hardlinks are one inode. Two hardlinks are two directory entries
      > pointing to the same inode.
      > Soft links are just files with special attribute that contain path to
      > another file. Two soft links are two different inodes, but nobody is
      > pointing to any blocks. Soft link is pointing to a path, not blocks.
      >> > I assume the same situation (multiple buffers for the same file opened
      >> > via links) is present on unix too.
      >> I think so (someone else care to verify?). Compare junctions to the
      >> Windows "shortcut" concept which is literally just a redirect that an
      >> application may choose to follow to the actual path. If Vim supported
      >> Windows "shortcuts", I would guess its behavior would match what you
      >> had expected with junctions. But with junctions, the application (Vim)
      >> has no knowledge of the fact that two paths happen to share the same
      >> blocks on the filesystem.
      > Soft links/junctions are supported by C file manipulation functions. *.lnk
      > files are not. Application may open soft link as if it was not a soft link,
      > but it must pass a special flag then.

      Thanks for the corrections, I was hoping that by exposing my
      ignorance, someone would enlighten me :)

      Justin M. Keyes

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