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139490Re: ESC key stopped working -- any alternate for menuless vim to get to normal mode?

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  • Michael Hernandez
    Oct 10, 2013
      > On Oct 10, 2013, at 4:52 AM, Erik Christiansen <dvalin@...> wrote:
      >> On 09.10.13 23:02, Michael Hernandez wrote:
      >> Late to the party here but am I the only one who uses CTRL - [ as an
      >> escape "key" 99% of the time? I went weeks with a broken esc key, only
      >> changed it when it made pair programming suck.
      > Quite possibly ... there seem to be so many habits - a testament to the
      > flexibility of the platform we use. It is so long since I mapped
      > CapsLock to Escape in X, that I now have to do it on any machine I use,
      > or chaos reigns. Doing it in X means that the mapping works everywhere,
      > even in firefox. Since I generally don't shout, either in emails or
      > anywhere else, it is rare that I need more than one capital letter at
      > the time - but if I do, then there is ^F, which CAPITALISES the word
      > before the cursor, while in insert mode. So who needs CapsLock?
      Exactly. I use Caps as Ctrl, so my little fingers join forces to produce the Esc sequence. It sounds like more work to press 2 keys to get one "key", but not having to move far from the home row makes a difference. Comes in handy with other console apps as well (vi mode in zsh, wee chat, etc).

      --Mike H

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