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139466Re: How to reverse an imap in javascript, for json files?

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  • Christian Brabandt
    Oct 8, 2013
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      Hi Sam!

      On Di, 08 Okt 2013, Sam Roberts wrote:

      > I map " to ' (because my fingers always do ", but our coding standards are ').
      > " in after/ftplugin/javascript.vim
      > imap <buffer> " '
      > However, " is required in json, and the javascript plugin seems to be
      > applying itself to json files.
      > I tried to use vim-json, which I quite like for its highlighting and
      > syntax checking... but, I don't want to C-v " every time I need a
      > double quote.
      > " error... in after/ftplugin/json.vim
      > iunmap <buffer> "
      > I've tried a few variations, including autocommands. I'm a bit baffled.
      > Can anybody suggest how I get an imap for only *.javascript, not
      > *.json? Preferably while still using vim-json?

      Don't know about vim-json, but try this autocommand:

      augroup MyJSONMaps
      au BufRead * if expand("<afile>") !~# ".json" | imap <buffer> " ' | endif
      augroup END

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