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139410Re: Scrolling (diffing) through VCS revisions

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  • ZyX
    Oct 1, 2013
      > I was using 1.7.1 from http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=3828, but I just tried the latest from bitbucket, and while I don't get that E error any more, and gJ / gK appear to be going through the correct revisions for the file (according to the filename at the bottom, which includes the commit number), the window just isn't showing the differences for each revision, like it's not always being updated. I'll investigate it more later.

      You are lucky that it iterates correctly for subversion. I see the correct behavior for the VCS systems I use (mercurial and git), failing tests for subversion-1.7.13 (they did work for subversion-1.6*) and surprisingly inconsistent behavior between gJ and :AuStatus: while gJ works like J (skip to next revision) on test lh-vim-lib repository, :AuStatus shows that test file was not changed in the revision gJ brought me to. It is surprising because :AuS and gJ use the same driver function.

      I will investigate these issues in the weekend for sure and maybe earlier. Until the time subversion driver should be considered broken. The downside of “but its subversion and bazaar backends are least stable as the only place where I use both VCSes is aurum test suite”.

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