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  • Stevew
    Sep 27, 2013
      Ok well you caused me to think about things a bit and I think I resolved it.
      Here is what I did.
      There is one file that I opwn every day and use all the time. This is the file that had the problem. It is an encrypted file -X.
      I decided to open it and then do a :w out.txt
      then exit and then open the out.txt with a -X Now the problem went away. Maybe this file had some characters in it that caused the problems.

      Second thing I did. I went to the _vimrc file. I had been using # comment out lines. I figured it was the same as a script file on linux or unix. Its been that way for some time. Well I guess I was wrong It's suppose to be
      " Programing type comment.
      Correct me if Im wrong?
      I discovered this because even with me rewriting the file out, while fixed, now when it was opening it was showing odd things at the bottom in the information :command line.

      I think that has fixed it. Ive used this program for so long, many of these things are new to me when I went to windows. In fact at some point when I did install the vim.exe on windows (as I recall somewhere) I was at the time thinking to myself (angrily) cant they just leave it alone and just provde simple VI.exe
      Let see if everything works now. Or if you have seen some error in my ways.

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