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  • Ben Fritz
    Sep 27, 2013
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      On Friday, September 27, 2013 9:43:18 AM UTC-5, Gooderam wrote:
      > I do have a question though. Vi has worked well for me on this computer for many years. (windows 7) But now when I press ESC to exit from the text mode. It does not work. I have discovered that F1 sort of works. But it gives me an error as well, E433: No tags file and E149: Sorry, no help for help.txt and Press Enter or type command to continue. Then I am it the right mode like I press ed ESC. I dont know why this has changed. I dont recall changing anything.
      > Is there any way to get back my ESC.

      What DOES happen when you hit ESC in insert mode? ESC is an extremely basic feature and it should always work.

      Unless, of course:
      1. You have an insert-mode mapping for <ESC>
      2. You have the option 'insertmode' set
      3. You are using Vim in "easy mode" (i.e. your Vim is named "evim", or you launch it as "vim -y" or "gvim -y")

      Are any of these true?

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