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139357Calling a user function via a map cancels visual mode

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  • skeept
    Sep 26, 2013
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      I have the following function and mappings:

      function! JumpToNextNonMatching(direction)
      let flags = ''
      if a:direction == -1
      let flags = flags . 'b'
      let ntimes = max([v:count, 1])
      let i = 1
      while i <= ntimes
      let i = i + 1
      let curr_line = getline('.')
      let spattern = '^[^' . curr_line[0] . '][^' . curr_line[1] . ']'
      call search(spattern, flags)
      noremap ,n :<C-U>call JumpToNextNonMatching(1)<CR><C-L>
      noremap ,N :<C-U>call JumpToNextNonMatching(-1)<CR><C-L>

      The idea is simply to jump to a previous or next line not matching the beggining of current line.

      But if I am in visual mode and use one of the mappings then visual mode is cancelled.
      Any suggestions on howto properly define the function of the mapping so when I use it I stay in visual mode (with the selection resulting of applying the map, of course).


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