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139339Re: Improve context syntax file

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  • Marco
    Sep 26, 2013
      On 2013–09–26 Nikolay Pavlov wrote:

      > > Since there is little chance that an underscore will immediately follow a
      > > control sequence anyway, I don't think defining it for the entire syntax
      > file
      > > will cause any problem.
      > It is very common in LaTeX math:
      > \int_a^b

      “a” is not a control sequence.

      > . Can't say anything about context though.

      The maths looks almost the same, it's mostly TeX anyway.

      > In LaTeX/TeX syntax file AFAIR _ is marked as an error outside of
      > math regions though.

      Not so in ConTeXt. Underscores and circumflex accents are valid

      This_is_valid %% the _ is not marked as error, correct
      So ^ is ^ this %% the ^ is marked as error, although it's valid input

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