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139338Re: Improve context syntax file

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  • Marco
    Sep 26, 2013
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      On 2013–09–26 Paul Isambert wrote:

      > > But I can't add it permanently. The underscore is only part of a
      > > word in between the following blocks.
      > >
      > > \unprotect … \protect %% or
      > > \starttexcode … \stoptexcode
      > Since there is little chance that an underscore will immediately follow a
      > control sequence anyway, I don't think defining it for the entire syntax file
      > will cause any problem.

      I tried this. But iskeyword does not change the syntax highlighting.
      It only seems to have an effect on the “*” and similar commands. So
      changing iskeyword is probably not what I'm after.

      > However, you can do something along the following lines:
      > sy match ControlSequence '\\[a-zA-Z]\+'
      > sy match SpecialControlSequence '\\[a-zA-Z_]\+' contained
      > sy region SpecialCode matchgroup=ControlSequence start='\\unprotect' end='\\protect' contains=SpecialControlSequence

      I tried this, but it removes all syntax highlighting. Frankly, I
      have no idea of how the syntax highlighting works. I have to read up
      the basics to understand how this exactly works. The issue seems
      more complicated than anticipated. But thanks for the snippet, it's
      something to start with.

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