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139333Re: Improve context syntax file

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  • Marco
    Sep 26, 2013
      On 2013–09–26 Nikolay Pavlov wrote:

      > > Does someone have a solution for the remaining two problems?
      > I guess you need to alter iskeyword for the problem with underscore.

      But I can't add it permanently. The underscore is only part of a
      word in between the following blocks.

      \unprotect … \protect %% or
      \starttexcode … \stoptexcode

      > But different comments could be only a result of patching
      > commetary and other plugins. You can try hacking with
      > CursorMoved/CursorMovedI events but likely you will introduce more
      > problems then solve.

      I don't think patching commetary is the right solution. It's a very
      small plugin only relying on commentstring. Furthermore, vim knows
      already that it's inside a Lua snippet (it switched to Lua syntax
      highlighting) and it knows that it's inside a Lua comment (it's
      highlighted as a comment). So all required information is available
      at this point. If I only could make vim change the commentstring in
      this case, that would be perfect.

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