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139319Re: Question about communication with system clipboard

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  • tooth pik
    Sep 25, 2013
      On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 02:22:09AM -0700, Jacek Czaja wrote:
      > Hi,

      > Thanks for all responses. I tried with "+ register but results are
      > still not good eg. When I close Vim (gVim) I loose information from
      > clipboard.

      > Actually so far I tried on my Fedora (gVim 7.4 Huge), Ubuntu 12.04
      > (gVim 7.3 1-429 Huge) and Windows7 (gVim7.4) and it worked only on
      > windows. On windows I was able to copy to "* , close gvim and then
      > with mouse paste information i copied to "* to my browser.

      > On Linux it did not work so far ( I tried with "+ and "*).

      > I read in pointed manual (x11-selection) that before vim is
      > closed/suspended it should copy "+ into CUT_BUFFER0 so information is
      > not lost.

      > I tried xsel application that can manipulate
      > PRIMARY,SECONDARY,CLIPBOARD registers eg. I can look what it is stored
      > in them and put some content there. And when I close my gVim and there
      > I print CLIPBOARD or any other there is nothing there ,although it
      > was expected content there when gVim was running.

      > I would be grateful for some more suggesstions

      I use openSUSE. For me the application I had to install is named
      "clipboard". When it runs it puts a paperclip icon in the default
      panel. I suspect it is be called "clipboard" for other variants of
      linux as well.

      With clipboard running the contents of the system clipboard are
      preserved even when the creating application is ended, and will be
      available for pasting in other applications.


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