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139188Re: possible bug with surround.vim?

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  • Marco
    Sep 17, 2013
      On 2013–09–17 Matteo Cavalleri wrote:

      > to be sure it's actually a bug in this plugin and not coming from
      > something else). running "vim -u NONE" will not load any plugin,
      > and i don't know how to load it afterward.

      source path/to/plugin/surround.vim

      > i'm running the lastest vim 7.4 (full output later), with
      > pathogen, surround.vim and some other plugins.

      Get rid of the other plugins for testing.

      > 1) run vim
      > 2) insert the following line in the buffer
      > get "index/index"
      > 3) move the cursor at the beginning of line
      > 4) run the command cs"'
      > the output is:
      > 'get '

      Confirmed. It does not happen with older versions. It seems to be a
      bug in surround.vim

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