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139151matlab and matchit

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  • Charles Campbell
    Sep 13, 2013

      I sent this to Benji Fisher over a week ago; is he still active?
      I've been annoyed for awhile at [vimruntime]/ftplugin/matlab.vim's %
      handling -- which, of course, depends upon matchit. I've attached
      "junk.m" which illustrates the problem; place cursor on "for", hit "%" a
      few times, and you'll see the cursor bounce to the wrong "end". Place
      the cursor on "switch", press "%" a few times, and the cursor gets stuck
      on "end".

      The runtime-distribution has

      if exists("loaded_matchit")
      let s:conditionalEnd = '\(([^()]*\)\@!\<end\>\([^()]*)\)\@!'
      let b:match_words = '\<if\>\|\<while\>\|\<for\>\|\<switch\>:' .
      \ s:conditionalEnd . ',\<if\>:\<elseif\>:\<else\>:' .
      \ s:conditionalEnd

      This seems to me to treat if/while/for/switch as equivalents -- so I've
      tried the following variant:

      if exists("loaded_matchit")
      " let s:conditionalEnd = '\(([^()]*\)\@!\<end\>\([^()]*)\)\@!'
      let s:conditionalEnd = '^\s*end\>'
      let b:match_words = '\<if\>:\<elseif\>:\<else\>:'.s:conditionalEnd.','.

      So, neither variant works. Am I doing something wrong or is there a
      problem with matchit?

      Hope this is fixable,
      Chip Campbell

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