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139082ANN: OutlookVim 12.0

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  • David Fishburn
    Sep 6, 2013
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      OutlookVim is a plugin for Microsoft Windows Outlook users.

      It adds a button in Outlook which will spawn Vim, allow you to
      edit the body of the currently open email and when you :w, it will
      update Outlook with the results.

      You can also create a new email in Outlook based on the contents of a Vim buffer.

      There are more details, you can read about them here:

      New to version 12.0

      New Features
      - Four new macros have been added for the Outlook toolbars, Compose, Reply, ReplyToAll, Forward.  Unlike the previous Edit macro these macros can be used from your Inbox view.  They can be added to the Inbox toolbar and will simply open the selected email items and automatically launch Vim.  These macros support selecting multiple items in your Inbox. Compose obviously creates only a single email (Jörn Waterstraat).

      - New option g:outlook_edit_cmd (defaults to "edit") allows you to control what command will be used to edit a new email.  For example, if you wanted a split at the bottom of Vim, you could set it to 'botright split'.
      Bug Fixes
      - In some cases when opening am email in Vim which was in insert mode or having unsaved text it was possible for the text to be overwritten (Gary Johnson).

      Special thanks to Gary Johnson for the amount of testing a usage suggestions.

      As usual, with all my plugins, feedback good and bad is always welcome.


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