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139044Re: How plugin writers write help document?

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Sep 1, 2013
      On 01/09/13 14:39, othree wrote:
      > Hi All
      > I have maintain several plugins.
      > But some of them don't have Vim style document.
      > I am wondering is there any support tool for write vim document.
      > Or is there any good practice while writing Vim style document.
      > Thanks.

      Any script to be used with Vim (global plugin, filetype plugin, syntax
      script, indent script, etc.) may (and IMHO should) have its own
      documentation. Vim can be used to write the help.

      A very short "help about writing help" is at ":help write-local-help"
      (without quotes of course). There are things it doesn't explain: for
      instance, "blue" (example) text starts (IIUC) at the first nonempty line
      following a line ending in the character > and ends at the line
      preceding the first empty line or line starting with < (whichever comes
      first) after that. These > and < markers themselves are usually
      highlighted as "invisible" (unless a non-default colorscheme makes them

      To find about "good help writing practices" you should complement
      reading the above-mentioned paragraph (which IMHO is a must) bu looking
      at how the helpfiles distributed with Vim and with the third-party
      plugins which have them are written.

      Best regards,
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