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139029Re: Disable swap file for large files?

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  • Charles Campbell
    Aug 22, 2013
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      Christian Brabandt wrote:
      > On Thu, August 22, 2013 16:37, Ben Fritz wrote:
      >> On Thursday, August 22, 2013 1:25:29 AM UTC-5, Christian Brabandt wrote:
      >>> No. There are only two ways handling this. If you don't really change
      >>> the buffer, you can disable the undo and later :rundo the
      >>> existing undofiles.
      >> Woah, woah, woah!
      >> Could one theoretically add to the autocmd that detects a large file, to
      >> (before setting undolevels) do something like:
      >> bufdo let names[bufnr('%')] = tempname() | exe 'wundo' names[bufnr('%')]
      >> And then when closing the file/undoing the largefile settings,
      >> bufdo exe 'rundo' names[bufnr('%')]
      >> (with error handling and all that added of course).
      >> Probably would want to set 'nomodifiable' on all the buffers until the
      >> largefile settings were out of effect or something to prevent creating new
      >> changes not in the undo file.
      > Might work. Not sure, one wants to use several tempname() calls at all,
      > since tempname() is only guaranteed to give distinct names for 26 calls
      > and some plugins make use of tempname() themselves (so it could happen,
      > that plugins overwrite the undofile).

      I've been trying it out, but I'm going to have to put this mod down for
      now. I've got BufLeave events firing when they shouldn't.

      Chip Campbell

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