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138966Re: Certain commands undock & shift window

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  • AndyHancock
    Aug 20, 2013
      On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 12:42 PM, Dan Wierenga wrote:
      >>On Sat, Aug 17, 2013 at 6:18 PM, AndyHancock wrote:
      >> I Windows 7, when I have the gvim windows docked against the right
      >> or left half of the screen, the following commands always seem
      >> undock the window and shifts the position:
      >> * tab split or tabclose
      >> * set guioptions+=b when it doesn't have b
      >> * set guioptions-=b when it does
      >> I use those commands alot, so I'm constantly having to readjust the
      >> window. Would anyone have an idea of what might cause this, and or
      >> how to go about troubleshooting?
      >>I can confirm the behavior on my setup too. I'd guess that Windows
      >>sees the height of the gvim window change and thus undocks it for
      >>you, just like it does if you change the height of the window with
      >>the mouse. I don't think there's a way to stop Windows from
      >>"helping" in that manner, unless you can somehow convince gvim to
      >>not change the window height. A few quick experiments didn't reveal
      >>anything useful to me however. I personally just re-dock the gvim
      >>window again. Holding down the Windows key and hitting the
      >>right-arrow key is a very quick way of re-docking it to the right
      >>side again ( or left-arrow to the left side), much faster than
      >>reaching for the mouse.

      Wow, I didn't even realize that the window size changed.

      The trick for docking a window from the keyboard is neat. Unfortunately (well, just for me, that is), I will still have use the mouse since I actually adjust the window after docking to be skinnier than half the width of the screen. I have a widescreen so that I can work with many windows at once, and having one app take up an entire half of the display defeats the purpose of the widescreen (especially when I don't need the app to take up that amount of width).

      Ah well. Welcome to Windows. Thanks anyway.

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