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138953Re: New dircolors syntax file with on-the-fly colour highlighting

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  • tooth pik
    Aug 18, 2013
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      On Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 10:15:51PM +1200, Jan Larres wrote:
      > Hi all,

      > I have rewritten the dircolors syntax file to be able to highlight the
      > specified colours on-the-fly, similar to what the various CSS/HTML
      > colour highlighting scripts do. Since it was necessary to use
      > autocommands for this, which is a bit unusual for syntax files, Bram
      > suggested that I post it here first to see if anyone complains. If not
      > it's going to replace the current script in the Vim distribution. So
      > please let me know if you find any problems with it.

      forgive me for not paying enough attention to earlier discussions but
      I seem to not know how to test this -- pray tell, what filetype would
      a buffer want to be in order to take advantage of this colorscheme, or
      I should probably call it a syntax

      say for example I had a buffer created via

      setlocal noswapfile
      setlocal buftype=nofile
      setlocal bufhidden=hide
      r!ls -algG --group-directories-first

      I've got a home grown [much simplified] version of netrw that would be
      a lot sexier if I could color it up with a set ft=? command

      I tried dir, directory, and netrw -- only netrw made any difference,
      but it didn't recognize the executables as such, just the symlinks

      or do I misunderstand what dircolors syntax is for?

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      |_(_)(_)|_| ||_)||<

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