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138782Re: Official petition for Bram Moolenaar to become a front end developer

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  • Andrew Ray
    Aug 7, 2013
      > PROTIP: You sound like a troll when you throw around loaded phrases
      > like "special treatment" and "bias".

      I used words like "seems like" and "at first glance" and "I don't know" because I was not trolling. Saying something like "vim has a language bias" would be trolling. I'm just telling you my perception, with an admittance that it's probably wrong. Calling someone a troll might be trolling though ;) so we're both doomed

      > If your intent is to divide the Vim community into "traditional" and
      > "front-end" programming camps by playing their cultural differences

      I have no intent to divide the vim community. My first post is a playful one; of course it's ridiculous to ask anyone to switch professions over indenting. The ridiculousness is intentional. I'm just jealous that I can open sublime text and it indents everything just how I want it (how most of the community has adopted it), vs in vim I have to go through 2 or 3 javascript indenting plugins that all have unique bugs. I could try to fix it (and I have tried to fix it), and then there would be 3 or 4 indenting plugins out there that have unique bugs :) I just haven't promoted my attempt yet, because it is not good.

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