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138772Re: Official petition for Bram Moolenaar to become a front end developer

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  • Andy Wokula
    Aug 6, 2013
      Am 05.08.2013 23:58, schrieb Ben Fritz:
      > On Monday, August 5, 2013 3:03:57 PM UTC-5, Andrew Ray wrote:
      >>> Have you tried a recent version of Vim?
      >>> The indent plugin for HTML has been replaced.
      >> <div>
      >> <p>
      >> <span></span>
      >> </p>
      >> </div>
      >> does not indent correctly, macvim snapshot 69
      > I'm still using the OLD script, and that snippet indents fine for me:
      > <div>
      > <p>
      > <span></span>
      > </p>
      > </div>

      Same for the new script.

      > Unless you expect the <span> to be indented further? I don't really care because sometimes I do:
      > <div>
      > <p>some text
      > goes <span>here</span>
      > like this</p>
      > </div>

      :let html_indent_inctags = 'p,span'
      in your vimrc (span not actually needed in the example), this becomes

      <p>some text
      goes <span>here</span>
      like this</p>

      When used during session you also need to do
      :call HtmlIndent_CheckUserSettings()

      (as explained at :h ft-html-indent (available in newer Vims))

      > or even:
      > <div>
      > <p>some text
      > goes <span>here</span>
      > like this
      > </div> <!--I don't actually omit the </p> anymore but I did long ago-->
      > But I guess that's a valid complaint.

      Valid complaint. I'll try to add support for optional end tags.


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