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138753Re: Official petition for Bram Moolenaar to become a front end developer

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  • Linda W
    Aug 3, 2013
      Andrew Ray wrote:
      > Bram clearly writes a lot of C code. The only "indent" Vim has built in by default is "cindent" (did this come from vi? I don't know). But, times have changed. Developers now write a lot of javascript and html. Vim is not so good at javascript and html. Indenting, for example, is very poor for most front end related languages. Out of the box it won't even indent HTML properly, rendering = useless for us. Syntax highlighting out of the box is undesirable.

      If only Vim had better perl integration...but people want python now sigh.

      To understand html in full, the parser would have to understand javascript
      (which can and has been written in itself) as well as a few other dialects
      (SVG, CDATA...etc). As the javascript RE and the python RE both derive from
      perl's syntax, perl would be perfect for parsing either or both. But
      more to
      the point...

      As someone who has programmed, I found I did my best work on things I was
      strongly interested in. Trying to petition him to work on something besides
      what he chooses to is bound to be counterproductive.

      But you are trying to circumvent a system HE put in place to do the will of
      vim-users (albeit, currently paying ones). I.e. if what you are asking was
      really wanted, it would have development votes on vim's wanted feature page,
      and would have been chosen automatically.

      That is a system he put in place specifically to devote some of his time to
      doing what users wanted.

      Like many imperfect things in our world, it is based on popularity and
      perception rather than any, subjectively, objective system of what would be
      best for vim. ;^|

      I want to change your petition to one to have Bram have himself cloned!

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