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  • Erik Christiansen
    Jul 30, 2013
      On 30.07.13 10:18, RICHARD PITMAN wrote:
      > Apologies if this is a re-post, I think the first went to the wrong address...
      > I have a fortran program in which there are two sorts of numbers,
      > integers which are simply digits not followed by a period, and double
      > precision numbers in the form 1.0D0, or more precisely \d\+\.\d\+D\d\+
      > I would like to search for the former, avoiding the latter.

      When I apply this search:

      /\v([ \t]|^)[0-9]+\_s

      to this line:

      123 123.0 123. 456 0.123 .123 789

      it stops only at each integer. Is that close enough?
      (It includes leading space. But perhaps \@<= could fix that, if it's

      I would have expected

      /\v[ \t^][0-9]+\_s

      to also match, but '^' isn't working for me as "start of line" in the
      character class. (It is only as first character in the class (Vim calls
      that a "collection"), that it would negate the class.)

      The regex has the benefit of being largely posix, just using vim's \_s
      as shorthand for (whitespace or EOL). (Most posix implementations have
      extensions, so why shouldn't vim?)


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