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138718Re: Press ENTER or type command to continue problem at every vim startup

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  • Gary Johnson
    Jul 29, 2013
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      On 2013-07-29, Jean-Marcel Belmont wrote:

      > On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 5:20 PM, Ben Fritz wrote:
      > On Monday, July 29, 2013 1:52:22 PM UTC-5, Jean-Marcel Belmont wrote:
      > > I have tried the suggestions in the vim wiki about set shortmess=a, I
      > > tried shortmess=at, set cmdheight=2, but these are
      > > refer to the Press ENTER or type command to continue when you issue an
      > > external command such as !ls in vim command window.
      > I assume you mean:
      > http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Avoiding_the_%22Hit_ENTER_to_continue%22_prompts
      > Actually the only suggestion on that page regarding external commands is
      > that you can use :silent before the command. The rest is about situations
      > where there is something printed to the screen inside Vim which the user
      > must read.
      > > My problem is that I get
      > > Press ENTER to type command to continue in each and every vim startup
      > > option.
      > > Does anyone know how to solve this issue.
      > Are there other messages that show up before the "press enter" prompt? You
      > can search your plugins for these messages to figure out how to disable
      > them. Or set you cmdheight option big enough to show them all at startup.

      > Hello Ben:
      > I tried to set cmdheight=15 just to see if any messages, but none came. Also I
      > tried vim -u NONE -U NONE and the message "Press ENTER or type command" didn't
      > not show. You suggested to search plugins, how should I go about this, should I
      > use grep for the phrase "Press ENTER or type command" on my plugins, or should
      > I read all help files for all my plugins for this problem.

      The message, "Press ENTER or type command to continue" is generated
      by Vim itself. It is not generated by plugins and the string is
      unlikely to be found in any plugin.

      Discussion of this issue is also not likely to be found in the help
      file for any plugin. If the message is part of the normal behavior
      of a plugin, then that normal behavior would be adequately described
      in ":help press-enter". If the message is due to a bug in the
      plugin, then the author is probably not aware of it.

      Lacking any message preceding the "Press ENTER" message, about the
      only way to isolate this to a particular plugin is to do a binary
      search of your plugins. If you're not sure how to do that, the
      following algorithm should work.

      1. Create two directories, ~/unknown and ~/good.
      2. Move half the files in ~/.vim/plugin to ~/unknown.
      3. Run your test, which in this case is to execute vim and
      watch for the "Press ENTER" message. If the message is
      there, the result is "bad"; otherwise, the result is "good".
      4. If "good":
      a) Move all the files in plugin to ~/good.
      b) Move half the files in ~/unknown to plugin.
      If "bad":
      a) Move all the files in ~/unknown to ~/good.
      b) Move half the files in plugin to ~/unknown.
      5. Repeat from step 3 until one bad file remains in plugin.

      The convention in this group is to not top-post. I have reformatted
      your reply accordingly.


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