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138666Re: autoflow fails to add line break if word ends on line margin

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  • John Little
    Jul 25, 2013
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      On Thursday, July 25, 2013 10:09:11 PM UTC+12, Eric Smith wrote:
      > > Does your problem occur with
      > > gvim -u NONE -c 'set fo=tcqa tw=65'
      > NO it does not.
      > Here are my settings normally, where it does occur, any idea?
      > ...

      I set all those in a gvim -u NONE -N, and your problem didn't occur. The only one that I noticed was the file type, which suggests a file type plugin might be involved.

      All I can suggest is standard vim problem isolation:

      1. set nocompatible mode, a return to sanity:

      gvim -u NONE -N -c 'set fo=tcqa tw=65'

      2. Try with no plugins:

      gvim --noplugins -N -c 'set fo=tcqa tw=65' x

      If this avoids your problem, then a plugin is the culprit. If you use a plugin manager, it may have a method to track problems down, otherwise move them aside one by one till you find one that does it. The :scriptnames command can tell you everything that's running, or see :help plugin-details.

      3. Try no .gvimrc:

      gvim -U NONE -N


      4. Bisect your .vimrc, by putting a finish command in it, and moving it back and forth till your problem is triggered just.

      Regards, John Little

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