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138663Gvim starting up in C:\temp??

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  • Linda W
    Jul 25, 2013
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      Ben Fritz wrote:
      > > I've never seen that problem, and I use shellslash in my config.
      > > Does it work with launching Vim as follows?
      > >
      > > gvim -N -u NONE -U NONE -i NONE --cmd "set shellslash" fb17X/content/firebug/chrome.js
      > >
      > > I know that the 'shellslash' option can make shellescape() do bad things on Windows, and it makes paths copied from Vim or passed to shell commands sometimes fail, but I don't know of any other ill effects.
      > >
      > >
      Why would -N ever be needed when typing 'gvim'?

      -u NONE says to ignore my .vimrc
      but --cmd "set shellslash" says to execute that command before
      any .vimrc or .gvimrc.

      I made sure it was first in my .vimrc, since there was a
      set "set autochdir" about 3 lines in that could trigger a
      chdir I'd guess.

      So if shellslash was set first, ..

      Now I get... Ah ha... I figured out where it is executing
      I mistyped iotest as iotset and it came up
      saying there was a swap file C:\tmp/iotest

      Why is it in C:\tmp? (when I started in my home dir/profiledir).

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