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138513Re: Strange motions.

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jul 14, 2013
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      Paul Isambert wrote:

      > Nikolay Pavlov <zyx.vim@...> a écrit:
      > > vim-use is not a proper place to ask such question. I forwarded your
      > > message to vim-dev. Please discuss nothing here.
      > The division of labour is not so airtight, Nikolay. I have posted on
      > this list, and will continue to post, about things that seem strange
      > to me, just as various bugs, possible improvements and other
      > “develish” things have been discussed here. If what I’ve found is
      > indeed a bug, I will report it as required; in the meanwhile, we’re
      > discussing Vim stuff and this is a very proper place indeed. Posting
      > to vim-dev only would make sense if my message had absolutely no
      > relevance to the average Vim user; being an average Vim user myself
      > (and consequently not subscribed to vim-dev), this here list is the
      > most natural choice.

      It's very common that someone reports a bug, sends a message to vim-dev,
      and it turns out the user didn't read the documentation properly (since
      there is so much of it). Or someone asks a question on vim-use about
      how to make something work, and it turns out to be a bug.

      Most wasteful is having discussions about what should be posted where.
      Just use common sense and be forgiving.

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