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138340Re: Terminal escape sequence ^[[A

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  • Tim Chase
    Jun 28, 2013
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      On 2013-06-28 20:43, David Fishburn wrote:
      > On most of my machines that I ssh into (usually from either a Cygwin
      > Terminal or Putty) and I type a command and hit the up arrow, I get
      > my command back.
      > When I launch a console application where I can type a command,
      > think an Interactive SQL console application where I would type:
      > SELECT * FROM T1
      > Though 2 different servers I connect to which always show ^[[A
      > instead of the previous command and I have to re-type my command.

      There are two possibilities that occur to me. One is that the arrow
      keys aren't properly interpreted on the server-end; the other is that
      the server-end doesn't have readline functionality (which is what
      backs this functionality).

      I'd start by issuing control+P to recall the previous command (a
      synonym for <up> in most default shell configurations with history
      recall). If it recalls successfully, then you have a shell with
      readline support and need to chase down why your $TERM settings aren't
      interpreting your arrow presses properly. If control+P doesn't bring
      up the previous line, then it's likely that your shell doesn't have
      readline support. You might check whether you're running a stripped
      down shell, or you can launch an alternate shell. You might also try
      opening Vim and seeing if Vim properly sees the arrow keys (which, if
      it does, might confirm the shell-sans-readline situation)

      Just a few shot-in-the-dark ideas,


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