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138311Re: Building Vim on Windows

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  • Salman Halim
    Jun 25, 2013
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      On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 1:21 PM, Salman Halim <salmanhalim@...> wrote:
      I was able to fix the "prototype not found" warnings easily enough myself; will post the Python ones when I'm back at the home computer.

      I concede that BCC might be an unpopular choice, but as long as Vim continues to include a make file for it, I assume it's because someone (besides me; my use of it wasn't public knowledge until I just admitted it on this email list!) uses it. If not, why bother?

      After fiddling a bit with the MinGW paths (I also have Cygwin installed), I got a clean build with MinGW, which is great: thanks again, Ben, for the pointer. As for the BCC warnings, the list is large, so I'm including it here in as an attachment. However, to summarize, here are a few sample lines from the output (again, the addition of a function prototype earlier in the file got rid of this warning, but it's not there when I build with MinGW at all):

      Warning W8065 .\regexp_nfa.c 2625: Call to function 'nfa_max_width' with no prototype in function nfa_max_width

      Warning W8066 .\regexp_nfa.c 2814: Unreachable code in function nfa_max_width

      Also, there are about 100 of these (on steadily increasing line numbers):

      Warning W8060 if_python.c 772: Possibly incorrect assignment in function py_memsave

      These seem rather suspicious:

      Warning W8053 .\os_win32.c 2681: '_chmod(const signed char *,int,...)' is obsolete in function mch_setperm
      Warning W8070 .\os_win32.c 3614: Function should return a value in function sub_process_writer

      There are no actual errors, just a bunch of warnings. The final build, however, corrupts every file it touches absolutely.

      This is no longer pressing for me, personally, but I do feel that we should either renege on support for BCC or fix it. It would help if we knew if anybody still uses BCC...


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