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138304Re: Building Vim on Windows

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  • Salman Halim
    Jun 24, 2013
      On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 1:14 PM, Nikolay Pavlov <zyx.vim@...> wrote:

      On Jun 24, 2013 8:53 PM, "Salman Halim" <salmanhalim@...> wrote:

      > Now, I wonder what can be done about the Borland compiler's issues.

      Nothing until you post them. Most developers here are on linux like me (with gcc or clang or both) or on windows, but with mingw. With warnings posted we may be able to guess a fix, but without you will have to wait for someone with Windows and bcc which is a very unpopular choice.

      Makes sense; will do as soon as am able.

      Note that at least some problems (I would expect one or two, but I do not know how verbose is bcc with macros error) in if_py_both.h may be fixed by one of the patches posted here.

      I've posted them in a previous post, but the only response I got was from Bram and he just said to try the next patch, which didn't help at all (as I was already well past the 944 in my Mercurial pull of the code base), after which he said to just post here again.

      I was able to fix the "prototype not found" warnings easily enough myself; will post the Python ones when I'm back at the home computer.

      I concede that BCC might be an unpopular choice, but as long as Vim continues to include a make file for it, I assume it's because someone (besides me; my use of it wasn't public knowledge until I just admitted it on this email list!) uses it. If not, why bother?

      Thank you,


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