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138290Vim 7.3 - Odd behaviour with Log file ESC sequences

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  • Philip Rhoades
    Jun 23, 2013

      Vim is displaying the same file differently and behaving differently
      when the file is in different directories:



      Vim processes the ESC sequences as normal to give coloured text but the
      command "1G" does not work - but if I copy the file with "cp -a ":


      the ESC sequences show up like:

      Connecting to database specified by database.yml
      ^[[1m^[[36m (0.1ms)^[[0m ^[[1mselect sqlite_version(*)^[[0m

      but the command "1G" works as expected. I have renamed .vimrc but the
      odd behaviour persists - what I am missing?


      Philip Rhoades

      GPO Box 3411
      Sydney NSW 2001
      E-mail: phil@...

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