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138284Re: Color schemes with colorcolumn support?

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  • seanh
    Jun 22, 2013
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      > > An alternative solution would be to set the color of the colorcolumn
      > > based on some other color from the theme, so it works with themes that
      > > don't know about colorcolumn. Set it to the highlight current line
      > > color, which a lot more themes seem to have, or to the background color
      > > but 10% darker or lighter. I don't know how to do either of these things
      > > though.
      > (snip)
      > Some options to try:
      > :hi! link ColorColumn StatusLine
      > :hi! link ColorColumn CursorLine

      This works, thanks, I tried a few and it seems most themes look
      reasonable with one or the other of these `:hi! link` commands.

      I also use this, to highlight all columns from 80 onwards with the
      ColorColumn background color, rather than just a single column, I think
      that looks nicer:

      let &colorcolumn=join(range(80,999),",")

      (from: http://stackoverflow.com/a/13731714).

      If the theme defines a CursorLine background color, that will likely be
      the best color for ColorColumn as well. If it doesn't have a CursorLine
      background color (many themes don't) then StatusLine seems a good
      fallback. I think the algorithm should be:

      if cursorline is activated:
      if the colorscheme does not define a ColorColumn color:
      if it defines a CursorLine background color:
      :hi! link ColorColumn background CursorLine
      else if it defines a StatusLine background color:
      :hi! link ColorColumn StatusLine
      Print out a warning.

      And this function should be automatically executed whenever cursorline
      is turned on and whenever the colorscheme is changed.

      I may try and implement this at some point.

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