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138281Re: Where to put "set iskeyword+=_" or remove "iskeyword-=_

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  • Paul
    Jun 21 5:37 PM
      Ben, thanks for pointing out the need to modify my rtp after setting $HOME:

      let $HOME=$USERPROFILE."/Documents"
      set rtp^=$HOME/vimfiles
      set rtp+=$HOME/vimfiles/after

      The file $HOME/vimfiles/after/syntax/tex.vim is now executed when syntax is enabled in a tex file:

      setg isk+=_
      setlocal isk+=_

      I don't want to mess around with $HOME in the larger Windows 7 environment because I don't control how IT works around here. If it doesn't break something now, it could break something in the distant future when I've all but forgotten about this little customization. So I will localize the customization to vim.

      Gary, being the weekend warrior that I am, I don't think I can respond authoritatively about when rtp is set relative to the sourcing of _vimrc, but here's my take.

      In ":help startup", step 4 uses :runtime. The help for :runtime sounds like it presumes that rtp is already set. So it looks like there isn't really basis for assuming that rtp is set at step 4. I can't find documentation on where it is set, but it could very well be set before any of the numbered startup steps. For that matter, the default value for rtp might be captured early on as well, which could explain why "set rtp&" still gets you the rtp resulting from the $HOME that is in effect when vim is executed.

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