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138243Re: Where to put "set iskeyword+=_" or remove "iskeyword-=_

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  • Paul
    Jun 19, 2013
      Coot, I think the problem is that I am working with vim 7.3, patches 1-46. It is a locked down environment, so I've given up trying to upgrade for the next few years (which is not to say that I haven't submitted a request). There is no tex_isk in .../doc/syntax.txt in my install. The commands

      echo tex_isk
      echo g:tex_isk

      yield the error messages:

      E121: Undefined variable: tex_isk
      E15: Invalid expression: tex_isk

      E121: Undefined variable: g:tex_isk
      E15: Invalid expression: g:tex_isk
      Ben, Gary,

      I don't have the authority to write to system-wide files. I tried autocommands and ~/vimfiles/after/syntax/tex.vim. No luck so far. In both cases, the result is that "setg isk?" and "setl isk?" show an underscore *before* enabling syntax, but the local version loses underscore after enabling syntax. I can tell that the local version takes precedence because underscore is no longer a keyword character, based on the fact that i_ctlr-p and i_ctrl-n does word completion only upto an underscore.

      Here are the details behind my attempt at using autocommand and ~/vimfiles/after/syntax/tex.vim.

      1 ~/vimfiles/after/syntax/tex.vim
      2 -------------------------------
      3 setg isk+=_
      4 setlocal isk+=_
      6 ~/.vim/after/syntax/tex.vim
      7 ---------------------------
      8 setg isk+=_
      9 setlocal isk+=_
      11 ~/_vimrc
      12 --------
      13 autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead,BufWinEnter *.tex setl isk+=_ | setg isk+=_
      14 autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead,BufWinEnter *.bib setg isk+=_ | setl isk+=_
      15 filetype on
      16 au Syntax * setl isk+=_

      I bastardized lines 13-14 from code higher up in the _vimrc, not sure if it is kosher.

      Thanks for any other suggestions.

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