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138241Re: Where to put "set iskeyword+=_" or remove "iskeyword-=_

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  • Gary Johnson
    Jun 19, 2013
      On 2013-06-19, Paul wrote:
      > Tim, JR, coot,
      > Here is the output from ":verbose set isk?"
      > iskeyword=@,48-57,192-255
      > Last set from C:/Program Files (x86)/Vim/vim73/syntax/tex.vim
      > Note that the above path to tex.vim is the same as that returned
      > by suggested command
      > :echo globpath(&rtp, 'syntax/tex.vim')
      > Thanks for cluing me in to the fact that searching for iskeyword
      > won't find the short form "isk". It looks like tex.vim gets
      > called when I enable syntax highlighting. The chunk of code that
      > sets isk-=_ is:
      > " (La)TeX keywords: only use the letters a-zA-Z {{{1
      > " but _ is the only one that causes problems.
      > if version < 600
      > set isk-=_
      > if b:tex_stylish
      > set isk+=@
      > endif
      > else
      > setlocal isk-=_
      > if b:tex_stylish
      > setlocal isk+=@
      > endif
      > endif
      > If I did not want to change the files in the install tree, is
      > there somewhere else I can put "setl isk+=_" so that my tex file
      > edit sessions/files/buffers always treat underscore as a keyword
      > character?

      Yes. If you want that setting to apply to just you, put it in
      ~/vimfiles/after/syntax/tex.vim. If you want that setting to apply
      to all users of that computer, put it in
      "C:/Program Files (x86)/Vim/vimfiles/after/syntax/tex.vim".

      > I tried putting it into "/c/Program Files
      > (x86)/Vim/vimfiles/syntax/tex.vim", but that doesn't seem to do
      > it.

      Right. That's because that file is sourced before
      $VIMRUNTIME/syntax/tex.vim so your setting was being made first and
      was being overridden by the setting in $VIMRUNTIME/syntax/tex.vim.
      ($VIMRUNTIME in your case is "C:/Program Files (x86)/Vim/vim73".)


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