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138138Why doesn't the syntax file load the function from the ftplugin file?

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  • Suresh Govindachar
    Jun 16, 2013
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      The file vimfiles/ftplugin/notes.vim starts as follows:

      if exists("b:did_ftplugin")
      let b:did_ftplugin = 1 " Don't load another plugin for this buffer

      nmap <buffer> <localleader>u Yp$x^v$r-

      nmap <buffer> <F5> :syn off\|syn on<cr>

      setlocal spell
      setlocal smartindent
      setlocal textwidth=80
      setlocal complete=.

      if !exists("*s:MyNotesFoldLevel")
      function! MyNotesFoldLevel(acline)

      let cline = a:acline
      <omitting rest of the function>
      <omitting rest of the stuff in this file>

      The file vimfiles/syntax/notes.vim starts as follows:

      syn clear
      if !exists("*s:MyNotesFoldLevel")
      ru ftplugin/notes.vim

      %g/^/let i = line('.') |
      \ let level = MyNotesFoldLevel(i) |
      <omitting rest of the stuff in this file>

      But the very first time a notes file is loaded, I get the error message:

      Error detected while processing C:\opt\vim\vimfiles\syntax\notes.vim:
      line 35:
      E117: Unknown function: MyNotesFoldLevel
      E15: Invalid expression: MyNotesFoldLevel(i) | <omitting rest of
      the stuff>

      After that, loading the same or different notes file is OK.

      How to fix the error message for the very first load?



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