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138135Error compiling Vim on Windows

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  • Salman Halim
    Jun 16, 2013

      Lately, I've been getting a compiler error when building Vim on Windows 7 using patches higher than 7.3.944 (that's the last stable build I have). Just wondering if anybody else has seen this.

      I'm using Borland's C compiler (bcc) and build using this command-line:

      make -f Make_bc5.mak clean
      make -f Make_bc5.mak BOR=%BOR% GUI=yes FEATURES=HUGE PYTHON=d:\Python27 PYTHON_VER=27 DYNAMIC_PYTHON=yes

      The first thing I notice are these warnings:

      Warning W8065 .\misc1.c 4529: Call to function 'init_users' with no prototype in function get_users
      Warning W8065 .\misc1.c 4548: Call to function 'init_users' with no prototype in function match_user

      And then:

      Warning W8065 .\regexp_nfa.c 745: Call to function 'realloc_post_list' with no prototype in function nfa_emit_equi_class

      These start for line 745 and go on until line 800, resulting in 100 total warnings. This causes the build to abort because:

      Error E2228 .\regexp_nfa.c 800: Too many error or warning messages in function nfa_emit_equi_class
      *** 1 errors in Compile ***

      Any suggestions would be fantastic. (I don't subscribe to the dev list so I don't think I can ask them this question over there.)

      Thank you,


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