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137953HTML blank insertion program

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  • Steve Litt
    Jun 2, 2013
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      Hi all,

      I was concerned about Vim's weird indentation of HTML, and Tim Chase
      clued me in about Tidy, which does most of what I want but leaves no
      blank lines. I want 3 blank lines above each <h1>, and one blank line
      above each of <h[[:digit:]]>, <ol>, <ul>, <table>, <p>, <body>, and

      However, to make <h1> stand out even more, I don't want any blank lines
      immediately below an <h1>, even if the line below it is one that would
      normally have a blank line above it. Also, I want to be able to run
      this filter over and over again on generations of the file without
      building up huge numbers of blank lines. The following Awk program does
      all this:

      #!/usr/bin/gawk -We
      BEGIN {suppressnextblank=0}

      {printblank = 0}
      tolower($0) ~ /^<h1/ {printblank=1
      print "\n"
      tolower($0) ~ /^<h[[:digit:]]/ {printblank=1}
      tolower($0) ~ /^<ul/ {printblank=1}
      tolower($0) ~ /^<ol/ {printblank=1}
      tolower($0) ~ /^<table/ {printblank=1}
      tolower($0) ~ /^<p/ {printblank=1}
      tolower($0) ~ /^<body/ {printblank=1}
      tolower($0) ~ /^<div/ {printblank=1}
      printblank == 1 {suppressnextblank--}
      printblank == 1 && suppressnextblank != 1 {print ""}
      $0 !~ /^\s*$/ {print $0}

      Thanks for everyone's help,


      Steve Litt * http://www.troubleshooters.com/
      Troubleshooting Training * Human Performance

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