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137833Re: problem with perl snips in xptemplate plugin

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  • KKde
    May 24, 2013
      On Friday, May 24, 2013 4:33:46 PM UTC-5, KKde wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Is anyone using xptemplate plugin? If yes anyone has problem with snips for perl filetype?
      > when I trigger any snippet defined for perl I get the below error
      > Error detected while processing function XPPprocess..5..<SNR>45_DoStart..<SNR>45_RenderSnippet..<SNR>45_NewRenderContext..XPT#classNew..<SNR>35_New:
      > E713: Cannot use empty key for Dictionary
      > I enabled verbose setting and tried to debug. But I find tracing problem is hard in vim(i'm not expert in vim script.
      > Note: For other file types i'm not having this problem. They are working fine.
      > PS: I see xptemplate google group is inactive and hence asking the question here?

      After setting verbose > 13, I found the issue.

      code is having issue at this point

      let indentkeysList = split( &indentkeys, ',' )
      call filter( indentkeysList, 'v:val=~''\V\^0''' )
      for k in indentkeysList
      if k[ 1 ] == '='
      let self.oriIndentkeys[ k[ 2: ] ] = 1
      let self.leadingCharToReindent[ k[ 1: ] ] = 1

      For, perl language the indentkeys is set to 0{,0},:,0#,!^F,o,O,e,0=,0),0],0=or,0=and

      and the expression 0= is causing problem. I fixed this problematic code using
      if strlen(k) > 2
      let self.oriIndentkeys[ k[ 2: ] ] = 1

      Question is, Is indentkeys 0= is meaningful?

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