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137714Re: introduction + first question that will set the tone for me

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  • Tim Chase
    May 19, 2013
      On May 19, 8:59 am, Yuma Antoine Decaux <jamy...@...> wrote:
      > Is [vim] potentially accessible to blind users?

      While not blind myself, I've tried it under "yasr" ("yet another
      screen reader", a screen-reader for the console, using Flite as a
      speech backend) multiple and found it usable if not laborious. Then
      again, much of the labor was my own inexperience with the screen
      reader. With something like the kernel Speakup module, and full
      keyboard control via commonly chorded commands (such as using either
      insert+key or capslock+key), it might be easier.

      One of vim's big advantages is the ability to edit with intention.
      Rather than moving the cursor around until you stumble across a
      destination, you can do things like "delete from here up the next
      place you find the word kibble" or "indent from here to the next
      paragraph break" or "move forward on this line to the next
      open-paren" or "start editing the contents of this double-quote
      delimited string, regardless of where I am inside it".

      I do know that there are multiple folks over on the Blinux
      (Blind Linux users) mailing list:


      who use vi/vim. It might also help to know which OS and screen-reader
      you're running, and if you're on Linux/BSD, whether you are using the
      console terminal 100%, or as a window in a GUI. Since Tony forwarded
      from the Mac mailing list, it might be safe to assume you're running
      OS-X with VoiceOver. Vim's usability may be yoked to the usability
      of VoiceOver within an OS-X terminal.


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