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137695Re: Running Indent in a Cygwin Shell from GVim

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  • Linda W
    May 17, 2013
      Gary Johnson wrote:
      > On 2013-05-02, Waters, Bill wrote:
      >> I think that the root of the problem is that in the shell from
      >> GVim the file is getting treated as binary instead of text. Not
      >> sure how to fix that.
      No... I'll be it's in the files he is indenting. His vim -- especially if
      he is using the gvim/vim in windows (vs. the one in the cygwin
      package) will likely be defaulting to CRLF.

      Bill -- two things to do. 1) make sure your vimrc
      has a "set fileformat=unix" somewhere in it so your vim won't default
      to creating CR's,

      Second.. what indent are you using? Is it one in cygwin or another?
      The one in cygwin *shouldn't* be inserting "CR"...

      (what format do you want them in, anyway?)

      If all else fails -- write a bash script:
      indent "$@"|tr -d "\r"
      and call it instead of indent directly.

      (you probably already have this solved, just noticed
      the post, so sorry if this is superfluous).

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