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137602Re: evaluating vim functions in search mappings

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  • Charles Smith
    May 13, 2013
      On May 13, 12:14 am, Marc Weber <marco-owe...@...> wrote:
      > Excerpts from Charles Smith's message of Sun May 12 12:08:15 +0200 2013:
      > > In order to be able to go to the next command in python, I'd like to
      > > have a mapping as follows, but I can't get it to work:
      > >   map ]0 /^\s\{0,^R=wincol()}\S^M
      > Can you retry telling us what you mean by "next command"?

      Python delineates scope merely with indentation. I mean the next
      command in the same scope. So, given the python snippet (this is,
      btw, no endorsement of python):

      for i in f():

      print i

      print "done"


      if my cursor is on the first line (e.g. on the first char of the first
      line), I want to be able to skip to print (or to exit if there were no

      So, I want to look for the next line that has as much white space at
      the beginning as the line where the cursor currently is - or has less
      white space, meaning that the section is over.

      The strategy is to use \{0,x}, where x is the builtin-function
      wincol(). I'm trying to use the ^R= evaluation operation but vim
      complains with:

      E554: Syntax error in \{...}

      > Plugins like ttoc may be close.
      > Usually using / ? searches are fastest for navigation. (eg /r n to jump
      > to "for navigation")
      > Marc Weber

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