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137579Re: Vim warns of swap files in "/var/tmp/"

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  • Eric Weir
    May 11, 2013
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      On May 10, 2013, at 7:41 PM, Ben Fritz wrote:

      > On Friday, May 10, 2013 5:42:59 AM UTC-5, Eric Weir wrote:
      >> Getting "swap file exists" warning. There are no swap files anywhere in my user directory. Then I notice the text of the warning:
      >> Swap file "/var/tmp/writing.taskpaper.swp" already exists!
      > What is your 'directory' option set to? Is writing.taskpaper.swp related to a file you're editing, or a plugin?

      I don't know how to set a 'directory' option. Not in macvim preferences. To the best of my knowledge it's never been set on my system.

      writing.taskpaper.swp is associated with a file created by the taskpaper plugin. Taskpaper files have the extent 'taskpaper'.

      > Either you're editing a file in Vim that you already have open in another Vim, you had a Vim instance crash while editing that file before (but probably not, because you *said* you deleted the swap file), or you have a plugin creating swap files when it probably should not be.
      > Try disabling plugins by launching Vim with the --noplugin option. If the problem goes away it might be a plugin. The name of the swapfile might give a hint as to which one.

      As reported in my initial response, I found the there were two other instances of vim running along with macvim. Since deleting the swap files at the weird location [/var/tmp/] and shutting down the two other instances of vim I no longer get "swap exists."

      Eric Weir
      Decatur, GA USA

      "The most important thing is the tee-shirt."

      - Samara Alnafdage

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