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137569Re: OutlookVim 8 and Outlook 2007: "Please install the plugin OutlookVim from www.vim.org to continue" -- SOLVED

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  • Gary Johnson
    May 10, 2013
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      On 2013-05-10, David Fishburn wrote:
      > ...
      > I started looking more closely at the Visual Basic code, not that I
      > know anything about Visual Basic, and saw that it had to have found
      > an instance of gvim running but that that gvim instance had not
      > loaded the outlookvim.vim file.
      > Good Morning Gary.
      > Unfortunately, only one instance of Vim can register as an OLE service at a
      > time.
      > So yes, this is expected.
      > Glad you have it working now.
      > I will update the error message displayed in Outlook to indicate which Vim
      > instance it had connected to when it found the plugin missing. That should
      > help future users.
      > I am putting the final touches on 9.0 which should complete the multi-byte
      > support. So this message will be part of it.
      > Thanks for the feedback.


      Thanks for your reply.

      I am using Outlook in a corporate environment where almost all
      e-mail is in HTML and replies to HTML messages are expected to be in
      HTML. I read in OutlookVim.bas that you had tried detecting and
      editing HTML messages and that it had worked, but was inconvenient
      because of Outlook's horrible use of HTML.

      If it's not too much trouble, would you please send me or post the
      code you used to edit the HTML body?


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