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137558OutlookVim 8 and Outlook 2007: "Please install the plugin OutlookVim from www.vim.org to continue"

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  • Gary Johnson
    May 9, 2013
      I just downloaded and installed OutlookVim version 8 for use with
      Outlook 2007 running on a Windows XP system. I followed the
      instructions for installing the macro to step 12, the last sub-step
      for Outlook 2007: "Click on the new button in the Quick Access
      Toolbar". The result is a pop-up window titled "Microsoft Office
      Outlook" and containing the message:

      OutlookVim: Please install the plugin OutlookVim from
      www.vim.org to continue

      I found that this message is displayed by OutlookVim.bas if


      is false. But, I can open gvim from its Desktop icon, execute
      that command and see that it returns 1.

      I found the Wiki page that discusses this error. It suggests that
      the files are installed in the wrong locations. Mine are here:


      I tried putting outlook.vim in C:\Program Files\vim\vimfiles\plugin
      in case gvim couldn't find my $HOME. No difference.

      I am running Vim 7.3.762.

      What can I do to fix this or to troubleshoot it?


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