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137498Re: Its about you - what about a github based wiki ? - demo ready

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  • Marc Weber
    May 5 8:23 AM
      Excerpts from Ben Fritz's message of Sun May 05 15:23:33 +0200 2013:
      > I personally think it's a mistake to create our own wiki from scratch
      > when mediawiki is already available on wikia, with the ability for
      > anonymous write access with spam control tools.
      You think - who knows? If the experiment fails - I'd be willing to take
      the consequences and contribute to wikia's wiki - even though I dislike
      its ads - and I dislike using web. My internet connection is slow, so
      using any API will always slow me down.

      > I like the idea of editing in Vim.
      Now you have to decide on which property is more important to you -
      unless somebody tells us how to mount wikia so that we can edit using

      Wikia fails right away:
      1) "Policies and how to editt"
      2) at the bottom !! "Tutorial for editing wiki pages"
      3) -> nice videos by wikia - unlikely to tell me how to use Vim
      go back to 2) "Help on editing, and wiki syntax.", search for "Vim", no

      Trying wikia searcha "editing wikia vim" and "editing wiki vim"
      -> "editing moin moin files with folding" is closest I find.

      Last attempt google: "editing wikia vim" - having read 10 items I fail -
      giving up.

      So wikia failed at the most important habit for Vim users - telling them
      how to use Vim.

      > I understand there's a way to get a filesystem dump of all the wikia
      > pages.
      Maybe somebody tells me how. I tried finding out myself, but I failed
      spending reasonable time.

      > I'd rather see efforts into improving the use of Vim with and the
      > documentation of these features if they still exist.
      And what if they don't ? What if we (as community) don't have control
      over it?

      The PHP code turning the text files into HTML is about 380 lines long.
      We know what is happening, updating the wiki is as much work as running
      PHP once, and using rsync.

      Everybody can have it on disk and browse it offline. How do you do that
      with wikia !?

      The big question is: Is the community fine with running this experiment
      - and stopping it again if it fails? There is not much to loose.

      Worst thing which could happen is stopping it again - due to lack of

      Now think about it how your choice would be - if don't find a way to
      mount wikia - and tell us.

      For different reasons dropping wikia is not an option - eg google has
      it in its index - giving that upthat would be stupid.

      Marc Weber

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