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137465Re: Still having different pwd for different windows

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  • AndyHancock
    May 1, 2013
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      On Apr 29, 3:12 am, Paul Isambert wrote:
      >AndyHancock a écrit:
      >> I posted previously about the fact that pwd returns different
      >> directories for different windows. I was pointed to autochdir, in
      >> particular:
      >> verbose set autochdir?
      >> which always returns noautochdir.
      >> I already have noautochdir in my vimrc, and the above command
      >> indicates that netrw was last to set the autochdir option.
      >> The problem is sporadic enough that it isn't clear to me that I
      >> will ever be able to figure out how/when autochdir is being set (if
      >> it is).
      > The problem might not come from autochdir but from something like:
      > autocmd BufRead * lcd %:p:h
      > which sets the window’s local directory. Perhaps you have that
      > somewhere in your .vimrc file or elsewhere? (It’s common enough.)

      It's not in my vimrc file. I used cygwin's bash to issue the
      following case-insensitive recursive search for the above statement
      from "/c/Program Files (x86)/Vim".

      grep -iR 'autocmd.*BufRead.*cd' !(Vimball)

      Nothing came up. I sanity checked the search command by ensuring that
      the following abbreviated version did yield (tons of) hits.

      grep -iR 'autocmd.*BufRead' !(Vimball)

      >> As an alternative to tracking this down, is there a way to prevent
      >> autochdir from being set at all? I mean even if a plugin or
      >> function somehwere issues a command to set autochdir, I want [g]vim
      >> to be incapable of complying.
      > As far as I know, you can’t. But you can put a script in your
      > “after” directory, which simply contains:
      > set noautochdir
      > Scripts in “after” are loaded after plugins.

      What should I name the file? I was confused by the help file for

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