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137392How to Install Powerline on windows

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  • kk
    Apr 27, 2013
      Hi all
      I'm a noob of vim.
      I tried to install powerline (Lokaltog/powerline) these days, but still failed.
      There is no doc about intallation on windows,so I want to know the steps of install it on windows.

      Thanks for your sight and appriciate for any anyhelp.

      For now, I download the git zip.  Use "setup.py install" or "setup.py install"
      add vimrc"set rtp+=C:\Python33\Lib\site-
      packages\Powerline-beta-py3.3. egg\powerline\bindings\vim"
      or "set rtp+=~/.vim/bundle/powerline/p owerline/bindings/vim"
      both get error message when run vim.
      Error detected while processing function Powerline:
      line 3:
      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "<string>",line 1,in <module>
      Error detected while processing function Powerline:
      File"c:\Python33\lib\site- packages\poerline\beta\py3.3 XXXXX" line 371,in render
      My vim is 7.7.905 with python3 and vundle

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