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137384c_no_curly_error doesn't seem to work with nested braces

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  • William Budd
    Apr 26, 2013
      Hi! The following example contains a valid C99 (and C11) compound literal:

      &(struct envelope){
      .stamp = {
      .value = ONE_CENT,
      .pic = RAT
      .address = &address

      Yet even after setting "let c_no_curly_error = 1", the last closing
      parenthesis remains highlighted in red as if it were an error.

      However, if I remove the ".stamp = { ... }" struct member, the
      highlight disappears, so it seems to me that c_no_curly_error can only
      ignore un-nested pairs of braces within any given pair of parentheses.

      Can this be fixed and/or is there a workaround? I wouldn't mind
      disabling parentheses-related error checking all together, should that
      be what it takes.


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