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  • Jeroen Budts
    Apr 21, 2013
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      On 04/21/2013 10:02 PM, Eric Weir wrote:
      >> Since the runtime extends the Vim Touch app, it doesn't show up
      >> as a separate app. To verify that it is installed, you can check
      >> in Google Play that it says 'installed', and also by launching
      >> Vim Touch and doing something like `:e ~/`. If this gives a
      >> filelisting in netrw, you have the runtime installed.
      > It appears to be installed. Although when I started Vim Touch the
      > first time today I got an option to install the runtime package, I
      > could not tell until just now that it was in fact installed.
      > Curious. Why doesn't 'E' work. When I try it Vim Touch crashes.
      I also noticed this, and reported this on the mailinglist. I don't
      think the cause of this bug was already found. However you can use
      `:e` followed by the foldername instead, so it is only a small issue.

      >>> Also uncertain what I do to replicate---as near as possible;
      >>> you and others have indicated it should close to perfect---the
      >>> Vim installation on my MacBook.
      >> You simply upload your .vimrc-file and .vim-folder onto the
      >> device. On a Nexus device you should place the file & folder into
      >> /storage/emulated/0/ (or as mentioned in the vimtouch
      >> mailinglist into /sdcard, which is the same location on a Nexus
      >> device). To easily upload your configuration you can either
      >> attach your device to your computer with USB as a Media device
      >> (MTP) (not a good option on Ubuntu). Or you can use the Open
      >> Source FTP Server app [1] to start an FTP server on your Nexus
      >> and use a program such as Filezilla on your computer. Or another
      >> easy solution is to use DropSync [2] to sync your config with
      >> Dropbox.
      > I've found a file manager app---FolderSync---that looks like I can
      > use it to move files to/from folders synced through SugarSync,
      > Dropbox and numerous other syncing services.
      I also tried that one, beforing trying Dropsync, but I couldn't get it
      to work for Dropbox while Dropsync works perfectly (but only for Dropbox)

      >> Some other tips: * I keep my entire config inside the .vim
      >> folder, including my .vimrc file (as 'vimrc' without a dot). This
      >> makes it easier to sync with DropSync as I only have to sync a
      >> single folder. Then I manually created a .vimrc file (in
      >> /storage/emulated/0) with one line: runtime vimrc this will load
      >> the vimrc file from inside your .vim folder. (this works on any
      >> Vim, not just on Android)
      > I'll keep this in mind.
      > Above you say files should go into "/storage/emulated/0/" and in
      > "/storage/emulated/0". Which is it.
      /storage/emulated/0/ (the last part, 0, is a directory, so it will
      also work if you leave off the last slash as Android will see that '0'
      is a directory (as would Linux, Windows & Mac OS in such a case))

      BTW: If you have multiple users on your tablet (Android 4.2 supports
      this), it will be /storage/emulated/10/ and so on for other users. And
      /sdcard/ will always point to the /storage/emulated/XX/ directory of
      the user who is currently using the tablet.

      >> * To check if you are running on Android, for example for
      >> Android-specific configuration, you can use the following check
      >> in your .vimrc: if $VIM =~ 'vimtouch' " do some Android specific
      >> configuration here endif
      > I don't understand this.
      For example: I prefer the molokai colorscheme. Suppose that I would
      want to use the desert colorscheme on Android, I would add the
      following to my vimrc:
      if $VIM =~ 'vimtouch'
      colorscheme desert
      colorscheme molokai

      Then this configuration would work both on my regular Vim and on Vim
      touch, but in Vim I would have molokai and in vim touch I would have

      > I'm kinda surprised at how little I know my way around Vim Touch.
      > I assumed that my level of comfort with regular Vim would carry
      > over to getting Vim Touch set up. In fact it seems like a
      > completely different app at this point.
      When I first used Vim Touch it also felt like a completely different
      application. That's why I was not very positive about it in my very
      first mails about Vim on Android. However after getting used to it
      you'll notice that it is indeed the full powered Vim, embedded in a very
      nice Android package. Just like GVim can be seen as a graphical wrapper
      around terminal Vim, Vim Touch can be seen as an Android wrapper around
      terminal Vim.

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