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  • Jeroen Budts
    Apr 21 10:29 AM
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      Hi Eric,

      On 04/20/2013 04:56 PM, Eric Weir wrote:
      > On Apr 3, 2013, at 4:11 PM, Eric Weir wrote:
      > I have Vim Touch installed and Vim Touch runtime downloaded.
      > Wasn't sure how to install the latter. A response on the Vim Touch
      > google group explained that I should click on extra downloads in
      > the android menu for the app and select the runtime extension from
      > there. I went through the motions but got no report of any action.
      > I'm not sure whether the runtime extension has been added or not.
      I just read the mail on the vimtouch mailinglist as well, the answer
      is indeed not very clear. Vim Touch is split into two 'apps'. 'Vim
      Touch' itself is only Vim (the core) and the app itself. 'Vim Touch
      Runtime' contains all the extra vimscripts most of us have come to
      expect to be available in Vim, such as netrw & matchit.
      So you can perfectly install only Vim Touch to have a very basic Vim.
      If you also install the runtime, you will be able to use netrw etc.
      Since the runtime extends the Vim Touch app, it doesn't show up as a
      separate app. To verify that it is installed, you can check in Google
      Play that it says 'installed', and also by launching Vim Touch and
      doing something like `:e ~/`. If this gives a filelisting in netrw,
      you have the runtime installed.

      > Also uncertain what I do to replicate---as near as possible; you
      > and others have indicated it should close to perfect---the Vim
      > installation on my MacBook.
      You simply upload your .vimrc-file and .vim-folder onto the device. On
      a Nexus device you should place the file & folder into
      /storage/emulated/0/ (or as mentioned in the vimtouch mailinglist into
      /sdcard, which is the same location on a Nexus device).
      To easily upload your configuration you can either attach your device
      to your computer with USB as a Media device (MTP) (not a good option
      on Ubuntu). Or you can use the Open Source FTP Server app [1] to start
      an FTP server on your Nexus and use a program such as Filezilla on
      your computer. Or another easy solution is to use DropSync [2] to sync
      your config with Dropbox.

      Some other tips:
      * I keep my entire config inside the .vim folder, including my .vimrc
      file (as 'vimrc' without a dot). This makes it easier to sync with
      DropSync as I only have to sync a single folder.
      Then I manually created a .vimrc file (in /storage/emulated/0) with
      one line:
      runtime vimrc
      this will load the vimrc file from inside your .vim folder. (this
      works on any Vim, not just on Android)

      * To check if you are running on Android, for example for
      Android-specific configuration, you can use the following check in
      your .vimrc:
      if $VIM =~ 'vimtouch'
      " do some Android specific configuration here

      > I have a concern about android. When I went to download the
      > hacker's keyboard I noticed that the permissions indicated that I
      > would be giving pretty complete access to my entire system to
      > anyone who wanted access to it. It even cautions "malicious apps
      > may share contact data without your knowledge." I understand that
      > this is standard for the android OS, and with few exceptions most
      > apps. Perhaps I don't understand, but as I understand I find this
      > disturbing.

      If you install and use an alternative keyboard, Android will indeed
      give you a rather scary warning. However it is not as bad as you
      describe. First, it is only for that keyboard app. All apps which you
      install have to request various permissions to be able to do stuff,
      such as read your contacts. You can inspect those permissions when
      installing the app (in the confirmation dialog on Google Play) or for
      an already installed app through settings > apps & then tap an app to
      open the details (permissions are at the bottom).
      For a keyboard app, yes that will be able to read anything you type,
      but if you think about it, that's only normal. You use that app to
      enter text into the system, which is only possible if the app knows
      what you want to type. The same concern can be made about hardware
      keyboards. If you buy a real keyboard, you also have to trust the
      manufacturer not to include some extra hardware to capture all your
      text and send it somewhere (unless you open each keyboard and check
      the internals? :) )

      > Any help you might be able to give would be greatly appreciated.
      I hope this helps you get started on your Android adventure! Feel free
      to mail more questions :)




      > Regards,
      > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      Eric Weir
      > Decatur, GA eeweir@...
      > "With an ounce of willingness, everything can change."
      > - Kim

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